Current Equip Classes 

Sunday 5:45 PM Classes

MESSY ISSUES | Room 140 | Led by Eddie Rasnake & Jan Silvious

All ages. Biblical perspective on today’s cultural issues, including, sexuality, racism, and immigration.

MISSION LIFE | Room 191 | Led by Larry Frick

All ages. Reports from visiting missionaries and prayer for missionaries.

RUN FOR GOD | Room 169 | Led by Doyle Thomas and Doug Forrester

All ages. This 5K challenge is part Bible study and part training program to teach disciplines of running and following Christ. Book cost $22.

WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY | Room 168 | Led by Debbie Bates

Women of all ages. An inductive study focusing on the book of Leviticus. Begins August 25.

GRIEFSHARE | Room 190 | Led by Dottie Powell 

All ages. A group of people who will walk with you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. Begins August 11. Book cost $16.


MEMS (MOMS ENCOURAGING MOMS) | Room 157 | Led by Kristen Hammel and Brenda Waldrop

Mothers of all ages. Mutual encouragement around a Precept inductive Bible study on the book of Judges.

MATTHEW | Room 169 | Led by Tommye Hammel

Women of all ages. A Precept inductive Bible study on the gospel of Matthew.

SPIRITUAL GIFTS| Room 168 | Led by Liz Hinkle

Women of all ages. A Precept Upon Precept inductive Bible study on the topic of spiritual gifts.


BUBBALAND | Room 171 | Led by Ken Rentzsch and Randy Wilson

Men of all ages. Bible study through the book of Matthew.

Judges | Room 168 | Led by Tommye Hammel

All ages. A Precept Upon Precept inductive Bible study on the book of Judges.

PRAYER AND BIBLE STUDY | Room 155 | Led by Bruce Daugherty

All ages. Begins September 4.

DIVORCE CARE | Room 190 | Led by Vicki Jackson and Pat Owens

All ages. Learn how to heal from the deep hurt of divorce and discover hope for your future.



These are small group Bible studies that meet at various times on various days and consist of 3-4 men with a group leader. To register, email The set of 4 books costs $46.