Current Equip Classes 

Sunday 5:45 PM Classes

ESL | Rooms 150, 152, 154, 156 | Led by Larry Frick, Holly Lillie, & Aimee Taylor

FINANCIAL PEACE UNIVERSITY | Room 167 | Led by Jeff Longenecker & Nathan Strait

Are you tired of living paycheck-to-paycheck? (Hint: 78% of Americans are.) Are you tired of money fights with your spouse? Are you frustrated that you can't plan for the future because you’re still paying for the past! Listen—there’s a better way! Join Financial Peace University group, and we’ll learn how to beat debt, get on a budget, and make a plan for the future . . . together! Interested? Join me at Woodland Park Baptist Church starting January 13th at 5:45pm. The cost is $90per person/couple for the materials but join us for the first class free of charge to see if it's right for you. 

SERMON ON THE MOUNT | Worship Center | Led by Eddie Rasnake and Justin Wilson

In the Pharisee-dominated age of the first century, Jesus preached a sermon on a mount by the Galilean sea that redefined righteousness as being about the heart and not just the actions. Workbook is optional. Cost $5.

MARRIAGE PREP Room 166 | Led by Gwen and Steve McCary and Kristi and Nathan Strait

In the midst of planning your wedding, don't forget to consider your marriage! Interestingly enough they are NOT the same. If you are considering marriage within the next year or two, now would be a great time to join Woodland Park's Marriage Prep Course. In an environment with your peers and a few marriage veterans, we'll explore God's Word for practical and personal applications for God's design for the family. 

RUN FOR GOD | Room 169 | Led by Doyle Thomas and Doug Forrester

This 5K challenge is part Bible study and part training program to teach disciplines of running and following Christ. Book cost $22.

WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY | Room 168 | Led by Debbie Bates

The study of the Pentateuch continues from the fall. We will study Exodus 

GRIEFSHARE | Room 190 | Led by Dottie Powell 

A 14-week Christ-centered, biblically-based support group seminar. Book cost $16.

MONDAY 10 AM Class

LIVING LIKE YOU BELONG TO GOD | Room 160 | Led by Holly Lillie 

You will discover that holiness is not an arbitrary standard within today's church or an unreachable goal of sinless perfection. Holiness is about pleasing God--living in such a way that it's clear you belong to Him. Holiness is what makes you unique as a believer in Jesus Christ. Book cost $5.50.


MEMS (MOMS ENCOURAGING MOMS) | Room 157 | Led by Kristen Hammel and Brenda Waldrop

This is a class for Moms of all ages and includes a time of encouraging one another in whatever stage of motherhood you may be experiencing. Bible study will be Philippians (Study continues from the fall.)

ZECHARIAH (PUP Study) | Room 169 | Led by Tommye Hammel

It is a call to listen to His Word, and heeding Jeremiah’s message can bring healing and hope to all. (Study continues from the fall.)

ACTS – (In and Out Precept Study) | Room 168 | Led by Tammy Crawford

Acts describes how God spread the gospel through those who witnessed Jesus’ death and resurrection in a dark world. Stand in awe of God’s power in believers to endure persecution and suffering for the cause of Christ, and watch as the church grows numerically, geographically, and culturally.


GRIEFSHARE | Room 190 | Led by Dottie Powell

A 14-week Christ-centered, biblically-based support group seminar. Book cost $16.


BUBBALAND | Room 171

These men will continue their study through the book of Acts.

DEUTERONOMY | Room 168 | Led by Tommye Hammel

An in-depth Bible study with no, or very little homework. This study will also help you understand the relationship between the Old and New Testaments. (Study continues from the fall.)

PRAYER AND BIBLE STUDY | Room 155 | Led by Bruce Daugherty

Join us for a time of prayer and Bible study as we continue in the book of Romans.

DIVORCE CARE | Room 190 | Led by Vicki Jackson and Pat Owens

Divorce Care groups meet weekly to help you face the challenges of separation and divorce in order to begin rebuilding your life. Book cost $15.



These are small group Bible studies that meet at various times on various days and consist of 3-4 men with a group leader. The four-book study will continue into the spring. To register, email The set of books costs $46.