We want to EQUIP you with a community where you can study God’s word, grow, and ENCOURAGE one another. Our Connection Classes are built intentionally from our vision to carry out what we call the 3Es. As you dig into God’s word together, we hope you will find lifelong friendships, ENCOURAGE one another to be more like Jesus as you do life together, and ENGAGE your neighbors outside these walls. Visit as many classes as you’d like until you find your fit. We want you to become an active part of what God is doing here at WPChatt, and it all starts with Connecting. Check out the classes below.


Sunday 9 AM Adult Connection Classes

BARNABAS | led by Bruce Daugherty | Room 157

All ages. Expository study of God’s Word through the use of word studies, lecture, and class discussion. Small care groups and monthly financial support for several missionaries and projects.


Women of all ages. A gathering of women from all stages of life who seek to love and serve together through prayer, studying God’s Word, and fellowship.

FOUNDATIONS | led by Mickey Hammel | Room 190

All ages. Topical Bible studies and discussion, various service opportunities, and bi-monthly fellowships.

JOYFUL LADIES | led by Janice Passons | Room 170

Women of all ages. Bible study, fellowship, care groups, and prayer support with the aim to love others by being Jesus’ hands and feet to a hurting world.

LIVING LIFE FELLOWSHIP | led by Danny Cooper | Room 167

All ages. Scripture study and directed discussions about how the truths of the Bible impact our lives. Home gathering for developing deeper connections with each other.

MARRIAGE ADVENTURE | led by Bill King | Room 168

Married couples age 40 and over. Topical Bible study relevant to marriage.

REAL LIFE FELLOWSHIP |  led by Bryan and Michelle Johnson | Room 169

All ages. Scripture study and discussion and current issues with a focus on building relationships.

THE CORNERSTONE CLASS | led Phil Pippenger | Room 191

Men of all ages. Fellowship, worship, Bible study, missionary reports, and prayer.

THE VINE | led by Tim Blackiston, Andrew Duval, and Jason Skinner | Room 155

All ages. Bible study and small groups for the purpose of understanding the life we have in Jesus and encouraging each other.

College + Grads | Led by Nathan & Marie Daugherty | Room 126

Young adults age 18-25. Bible study, small groups, fellowship, and outside service opportunities.

Sunday 10:45 AM Adult Connection Classes

AGAPE | led by Jim Barclay | Room 157

Senior Adults. Verse-by-verse study of a book of the Bible, visiting missionaries, sharing, and prayer together.

FILIPINO CHURCH | led by John Gonzalez | Room 191

GRACE FELLOWSHIP | led by Jim Bailey | Room 155

All ages. Prayer and encouragement with groups and fellowship throughout the year.

LATINO CHURCH | led by Jose Manuel | Room 126

LOGOS (WORD) | led by Glen Jones | Room 150

All ages. Scriptural study and discussion, often consulting the original Hebrew and Greek text.

MARRIAGE LIFE FELLOWSHIP | led by Gary Masterson | Room 166

Married couples of all ages. Bible teaching, fellowship, and sharing in life’s journey by serving Christ, one another, and those outside the Church.

*NEW* NEWLYWEDS & NEARLYWEDS | led by Chris & Laurie Crow, Bobby & April Dalrymple | Room 167

Engaged and newly married couples. Bible study and discussion relevant to the topic of marriage. Begins August 18.

PORTION AND CUP | led by Jeremy & Amy McMillian | Room 153

Young married couples. Bible study and discussion relevant to the topic of marriage.

SHEPHERD’S HEART |  led by Charlie & Pam Grant | Room 169

All ages. Biblical teaching focused on practical application of the sermon, sharing and praying for physical and spiritual needs, regular fellowship opportunities.

SINGLES FOR CHRIST | led by Jeff & Audrea McKnight | Room 170

Single adults age 20 and up. Study of God’s Word and fellowship with other adults in a similar stage of life.

SURRENDERED LIFE FELLOWSHIP | led by Steve & Carol Roberson | Room 156

All ages. Interactive Bible teaching with a focus on shared discussion and regular opportunities for fellowship.