We want to EQUIP you with a community where you can study God’s word, grow, and ENCOURAGE one another. Our Connection Classes are built intentionally from our vision to carry out what we call the 3Es. As you dig into God’s word together, we hope you will find lifelong friendships, ENCOURAGE one another to be more like Jesus as you do life together, and ENGAGE your neighbors outside these walls. Visit as many classes as you’d like until you find your fit. We want you to become an active part of what God is doing here at WPChatt, and it all starts with Connecting. Check out the classes below.


Sunday 9 AM Adult Connection Classes

BARNABAS | led by Bruce Daugherty | Room 157

The Barnabas Class is a mixed class of singles and married couples of ALL ages. We begin with fellowship around tables with a cup of coffee. Ministries include an email prayer chain, small care groups, and monthly financial support for several missionaries and projects. Join us for an expository study of God’s Word and Bruce’s unique ability to unfold that truth through the use of word studies, lecture, and class discussion. 

CORNERSTONE MEN’S CLASS | led Phil Pippenger | Room 191

We are a group of men from all stages of life who love to study the Word as well as stay connected with missionaries supported by WPBC. Before worshiping in song and studying God’s Word, our weekly gathering includes a time of fellowship with donuts and coffee. We close our time together with a very intentional time of prayer, which always includes special requests from our missionaries.  We welcome you to join us.

ENCOURAGER CLASS | led by Faye Frazier | Room 158

The Encourager Class is a gathering of women from all stages of life who seek to love and serve together through prayer, studying God’s Word, and fellowship. We welcome you.

FOUNDATIONS | led by Mickey Hammel | Room 190

“Foundations” is a gathering for couples of most ages. From the book of Titus, we see Timothy instructing Titus to encourage the older to invest into the younger.  Therefore we have enjoyed couples in their 20’s and couples in their 60’s. We pursue different topical Bible studies which encourage us to see God’s Word for ourselves and then discuss the application. We are a group of people who love the Lord, each other and His Word and truly desire His Word to be the center and focus of our lives.  We enjoy various service opportunities and we participate in bi-monthly class fellowships. We would love to have you come visit! 

JOYFUL LADIES | led by Janice Passons | Room 170

We are called the Joyful Ladies because we’ve come to realize that the Joy of the Lord is our strength…and through His strength, our aim is to be useable for His glory, loving others by being His hands and feet to a hurting world. Our desire is to provide Bible studies that will strengthen your spiritual walk with the Lord; fellowships to promote relationships which give encouragement for our journey together; care groups during those difficult times when it is too hard to go alone; and prayer support as we intercede in our day to day walk.

LIVING LIFE FELLOWSHIP | led by Danny Cooper | Room 167

We don’t study for the sake of learning but we learn for the sake of living.Living Life is a very diverse, multi-generational group of men and women who love the Scriptures and directed discussions about how the truths of the Bible impact our lives. We love parties and gourmet delights and therefore gather frequently in homes for developing deeper connections with each another. We welcome one time visitors, passersby who only stay a while, and those who want to settle down and make this group your home. You’re always welcome here!

LIVING TRUTH | led by Dana Passons | Room 161

The name of our class reflects our goal and our hope: We look to the Living Truth, Jesus, and His Word, as the wisdom we need to understand who God is, who we are in Him, and how we are to live that truth out in the moment-by-moment details of our lives. This class is comprised of women of all situations and ages. Our hope is to maintain a growing harmony in the shared diversity of life experiences. 

MARRIAGE ADVENTURE | led by Bill King | Room 168

The Marriage Adventure is a class of couples in their 40’s and up. Taught by Bill King, the class seeks to study topics relevant to marriage, as well as living the exchanged life. 

REAL LIFE FELLOWSHIP |  led by Bryan and Michelle Johnson | Room 169

Real Life is our name because we desire to be transparent and honest with one another. We offer no spiritual platitudes, easy answers or religious activity, but instead through the study of scripture offer a place to wrestle with truth, as we apply it in our messy, everyday lives. Our instructive interaction includes a good blend of biblical study and current issues.  And because relationships are foundational to building community, each fourth Sunday we openly share and fellowship.  If you can laugh while on your journey, you may want to come get “Real” with us.   

THE VINE | led by Tim Blackiston, Andrew Duval, and Brian Skinner | Room 155

The Vine is a fellowship of couples in their 20s to 40s studying the Bible together for a deeper understanding of the Life we have been given in Jesus Christ.  A unique part of our gathering is the “Hebrews 10” small group time we set aside to encourage each other toward living lives of significance through loving deeply and giving our lives away.

THIRSTY | College Ministry Led by Nathan & Marie Daugherty | Room 126

Thirsty, the College Ministry of Woodland Park, is geared toward college students from various area schools, as well as young adults from ages 17 to 22. As represented by its title, Thirsty is based on John 7:37, “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink.” This ministry builds on the truth that our greatest fulfillment and purpose is found only in Christ and explores how to know, love, and enjoy God in every personal relationship and life decision. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to get involved in a small group Bible study. Each semester we offer multiple opportunities to connect with a small group. If you are interested in learning about a certain book of the Bible or just to get down the “fundamentals” of what you believe while you establish a great group of friends, this is the place for you!

Sunday 10:45 AM Adult Connection Classes

AGAPE | led by Jim Barclay | Room 157

The Agape Class is primarily a group of Senior Adults who truly depict what the word “agape” means. Even though we are older adults, our class is committed to continue to run the race until we see Jesus face to face.   We display unconditional love and care for each other through prayer, visitation, and other forms of encouragement. We support mission groups and often hear from visiting missionaries. Our teaching consists of a verse by verse study of a book of the Bible. Outlines with Scripture references are given each week to promote further review and study. Our “Fifth Sunday Fellowships” are a special time of refreshments, sharing and prayer. We invite you to join us. 

FILIPINO CHURCH | led by John Gonzalez | Room 191

GRACE FELLOWSHIP | led by Jim Bailey | Room 155

Grace class recognizes that it is by God’s grace that we exist and function, and we do that all to the glory of Jesus Christ. There are several class activities throughout the year. Each year begins with a retreat to the Smoky Mountains. The class enjoys some type of outing in the summer and always gathers for a fall Bar-B-Q. Throughout the rest of the year, every class member is part of a “Care Group”. That “Care Group”, with its leaders, will meet throughout the year for a meal and for sharing and caring for one another. Each Sunday we have a time to share praises and prayer requests. 

LATINO CHURCH | led by Jose Manuel | Room 126

LOGOS (WORD) | led by Glen Jones | Room 168

Logos is an adult Bible study for all ages, singles or couples. In this discussion-type class, members are encouraged to contribute to the class discussion. Lesson materials will include printed notes and graphic charts. Occasionally we will consult the original text (Hebrew and Greek) to clarify meanings.  

MARRIAGE LIFE FELLOWSHIP | led by Gary Masterson | Room 166

Marriage Life Fellowship is designed especially for couples, so stop by and visit this new community for teaching, fellowship, and sharing life’s journey. We believe that the Lord has called us to minister to and with other couples who share a common journey and passion to serve Christ, one another, and those outside the Body of Christ.

SHEPHERD’S HEART |  led by Charlie & Pam Grant | Room 169

Shepherd’s Heart is a small group of people, in many ways a family, aware of our need for the Chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ. We focus on “body life” by caring for the physical, spiritual and medical needs for each other, as well as others whom we are privileged to meet. Our teaching focus would be characterized as “practical application”, as we very intentionally seek to apply the truths from the weekly message preached by our Pastors.  Hearing, praying for, and understanding the needs from our small group members is very important to us. Additionally we enjoy an annual retreat, an occasional ladies’ brunch, along with several other opportunities to “home” fellowship together throughout the year. We would welcome you to join us.

SINGLES FOR CHRIST | led by interim teacher, Dennis Beasley | Room 170

This class is for singles in thier 20’s and up who long to live a life set apart for Christ. This is group designed to study God’s Word and fellowship with other single adults.

SURRENDERED LIFE FELLOWSHIP | led by Steve & Carol Roberson | Room 156

Surrendered Life is a mixed class of single adults and married couples who come to share and worship together as a family. Each time we gather, we express how the Lord revealed Himself to us “through His eyes” during the past week. Our Bible teaching is interactive, allowing members to be transparent by interjecting all the Holy Spirit is revealing from the passages being studied. Unique components of our fellowship are: weekly Sunday lunch gathering; our Monday Night Women’s Bible Study; bi-annual camping trips; and our 5 Missions related ministries we support. Come join us as we seek to walk predictably surrendered to Christ.